masthead-numerical_methods_810_344_72 (1) copyFor free use of the book exhibit long-time member of our department doc. RNDr. Michal Batko, DrSc “Projections for the development ATMOSPHERE objective methods“. The author taught at the Department of Numerical Analysis and implementation of meteorological models on computers. Between 1991 until 1994 was a member of the international team at Météo France in Toulouse and participated in the development of local weather prediction models ALADIN.

The book gives the task to summarize basic knowledge, should know meteorologist, who works in the field of modeling of the atmosphere on computers. The main challenge in this area is the numerical weather prediction based on integration of the equations of hydrodynamics atmosphere. Other applications that use this forecast as the calculation of spreading of pollutants in the synoptic, Thus territorial scale of industrial agglomerations. Forecasting models are some adaptations, also used in the field of climatology