Studying the atmosphere is at the Charles University more than 200 years long tradition. Since the mid 20. century teaching and research in physics of the atmosphere part of the physical disciplines of Mathematics and Physics Faculty, which is provided by the Department of Atmospheric Physics.

Research and study at our department based mainly on fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere, It is widely used knowledge of other disciplines, physical and mathematical methods. We focus primarily on the application dynamics, energy and atmosphere circulation, on the issue of flow modeling, anthropogenic impacts on the atmosphere, Meteorological forecasts using the most advanced methods of numerical mathematics, on climate modeling, the study of climate change or the methods of remote sounding of the atmosphere. There are also significant interdisciplinary overlaps eg. in inorganic and organic chemistry. The basic approach is applied today
as well as the general context of physics of planetary atmospheres.

The main areas of research, which achieves Department of Atmospheric Physics significant results, They include the issue of climate and climate change, modeling of atmospheric chemistry and air quality, Research gravitational waves or the turbulent flow modeling in small scale. The Department is involved in the areas concerned and involved in a number of foreign and domestic research projects. Within these activities, our students, and students participate in research projects and internships abroad.

Profile and graduates

Graduates have knowledge of basic physics and related disciplines of mathematical methods by incorporating knowledge of modern information technologies. They are ready to address the challenges of basic and applied research and extensive range of activities in practice.

The aim of the study is to acquire a wide range of knowledge and competence in the field of Atmospheric Physics, numerical modeling and statistical analysis. Graduates have job opportunities with research institutes and universities in the workplace, in industrial development centers focusing on studying the flow, the business environment in connection with the expert knowledge of statistical modeling techniques, in the field of crisis management in the context of extreme meteorological phenomena, or in a number of economic sectors affected by atmospheric storyline.

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