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Simulátor tornáda

Tornado simulator

Tornado simulator, which they in the Department of Atmospheric Physics assembled for demonstration purposes. The animation below are shots of the preparation and presentation of simulation simulator at the Open Day MFF UK 26. 11. 2015. The author of the simulator is Mgr. Peter Huszár Ph.D. Příprava a ladění provozu simulátoru tornáda: Den otevřených dveří MFF UK 26. 11. 2015:
Nelinearita, chaos a prediktabilita

Nelinearita, Chaos is prediktabilita

Nonlinear and chaotic systems are a specific category of physical systems on the border between the structures of classical Newtonian physics and random processes. Atmosphere, klimatický systém i jejich dílčí komponenty přitom vykazují mnoho rysů deterministicky chaotického chování: Limitovanou deterministickou předpověditelnost (v případě počasí omezenou na několik dnů), citlivost na počáteční podmínky a rychlou (v průměru exponenciální) divergenci podobných stavů....
Mezní vrstva, turbulence a šíření znečištění

Boundary layer, turbulence and the spread of pollution

Atmospheric boundary layer is called the lowest layer. This is a region of the atmosphere, where the flow is strongly influenced by the properties of the Earth's surface. With contact with the surface occurs in this layer turbulence and intensive mixing. Energy flows (e.g.. heat) and matter (e.g.. water, CO2 a dalších) do atmosféry přímo závisí na proudění a turbulenci v mezní...
Střední atmosféra, stratosféra a ozon

Middle Atmosphere, stratosphere and ozone

The atmosphere can be divided into several layers according to, whether temperature with increasing altitude naturally decreases or increases. Meteorology is largely devoted to particular processes in the lowest layer of the atmosphere, so. troposphere, wherein the temperature decreases with altitude. At altitudes 10-16 km (depending on latitude) but the temperature decrease until eventually terminating temperature begins ...
Klima, klimatický systém, klimatické modely

Air, climate system, climate models

If today had to choose the most discussed area weather problems, very likely would win the debate about global climate change, global warming and its possible consequences ... Klima (climate) is characterized by long-term mode of weather conditional energy balance, atmospheric circulation, the nature of the active surface and human activity. It can be characterized by the mean values ​​of meteorological elements, accompanied by extremes ...
Modelování atmosférické chemie a čistoty ovzduší

Modelling atmospheric chemistry and air quality

The employee responsible for the section: Mgr. Peter Huszár, Ph.D.   Composition of atmospheric and chemical processes in the ongoing are particularly important because of the interaction between the atmosphere and living organisms. The chemical composition of the atmosphere is the result of complex processes, of which the most important are: emissions from surface, chemical reactions, transport and dry and wet deposition. Emissions from the surface: below this mean ...
Meteorologie a předpověď vývoje počasí

Meteorology and forecasts weather

Meteorology deals with the Earth's atmosphere, its composition, properties, processes and phenomena in the ongoing, in the strict sense of the word is equated with the physics of the atmosphere. And just as the physics of the atmosphere with her at the department dealing. Meteorology includes many disciplines, one of the most fundamental dynamic meteorology, synoptic meteorology, physics of clouds and precipitation, Atmospheric optics, acoustics of a elektřina, climatology, atmospheric chemistry ...