flyer-overPřemýšlíte nad uplatněním po ukončení studia? Chcete si vyzkoušet spolupráci s jedním z největších zaměstnavatelů v ČR?

Department of Atmospheric Physics MFF UK and ČEZ a.s.. It offers research topics for addressing student projects and graduate work.

In connection with the development of renewable energy sources is now in high demand for energy analysts versed in atmospheric physics, meteorologists to klimatologii. Offered topics will be addressed in cooperation with the Department of Trading ČEZ a.s.. In addition to the interesting topics with a practical impact will be in the framework of the project and the opportunity to personally visit the headquarters of ČEZ a.s.. and get acquainted with the functioning of the environment, which governs the activities at all relevant European energy markets.

Témata studentských projektů:

  • impact of changes in the atmosphere to produce renewable energy on electricity prices
  • construction of wind maps of Germany based on data reanalyzovaných

Témata bakalářských prací:

  • impact leeward effects on the production of individual turbines within the wind park
  • analysis and classification of synoptic situation in Europe


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